Winter is here, and for vulnerable families, the struggle to afford basic necessities such as energy and food has reached a critical point. As temperatures drop, the high cost of these essentials poses a significant threat to their well-being. With the winter season in full swing, the need for immediate action to address this crisis is more pressing than ever. Without help, the number of individuals and families falling into poverty will only continue to rise.

For some of us, winter signifies cosy evenings curled up next to a fireplace or heater, with chunky knitwear and comfy blankets. For many around the world, the arrival of winter is seen as a death sentence. Al Miftah is committed to provide essentials for survival during the bitter winter months for families living in exposed villages abroad.

It is estimated that the Covid-19 crisis has caused an additional 100 million people to fall into extreme poverty by the end of the year. This is a dire situation as many are struggling to meet their basic needs during the winter months, such as finding food and shelter, staying warm, and staying safe. This lack of access to necessities makes them vulnerable to serious illnesses, especially children who may also be unable to attend school. Increased support and assistance is needed for those living in extreme poverty to help them weather the ongoing crisis and build a more resilient future.