Grant A Water Wish

Water is the key to all life, and yet billions around the world struggle against poverty to access clean & safe water sources – their basic human need. Al Miftah is committed to ensuring as many families as possible have sustainable & reliable access to water for generations to come.

2.2 Billion People Have No Water At Home

with 206 million people spending more than 30 minutes per round trip collecting water


Over 2 Billion People Use A Water Source Contaminated With Faeces

This causes nearly half a million diarrhoeal deaths each year

297,000 Children Under The Age Of 5 Die Each Year

and yet, this can be easily prevented by addressing the risk factors related to lack of water. Where water is not readily available, hand-washing (a simple solution to avoid disease!) is simply not prioritized

Children Suffer In More Ways Than One Due To Lack Of Water

Access to clean water can result in better health, and therefore better school attendance, with positive longer-term consequences for their lives


Distributing Your Charity With Honesty