Yemen Appeal

Emegrency appeal: time to act

The crisis in Yemen is ongoing and has left countless individuals and communities feeling vulnerable. Humanitarian support is desperately needed by millions of people. By supporting Yemen, we can empower those affected by the conflict and provide them with the necessary resources to rebuild their lives. Your donations can provide vital aid such as food, shelter, and medical care. Additionally, they can support educational and economic development programs. Together, we can make a meaningful impact on the lives of the people of Yemen.


The current situation in Yemen

9 million
need health care
0.5 million
displaced individuals.
6 million
in Yemen lack clean water and sanitation.

Why support Yemen through Almiftah Aid?

The Almiftah Aid organization is working diligently to provide critical aid, including emergency medical assistance, bedding, food vouchers, and more, to those in dire need in Yemen. Your donation of £200 can make a tangible impact by helping to fund emergency medical operations for those affected by the crisis.

In addition, Almiftah Aid is focused on rebuilding damaged infrastructure, improving health and electricity networks, and offering psychosocial support to those impacted by the conflict. By supporting Almiftah Aid, you have the power to bring hope and assistance to those suffering due to the crisis in Yemen.

Donate to Almiftah Aid and aid in providing food and education for the people of Yemen. Your contributions can make a positive impact on those affected by the ongoing crisis.



One of the world’s poorest countries, Yemen now teeters on the brink of famine after years of conflict, economic downturn and shortfalls in humanitarian funding. Some 24 million people depend on urgent humanitarian aid to survive.

The tragedy has reached epic proportions, with a child dying every 10 minutes from preventable causes like diarrhoea, breathing infections and malnutrition. More than 4 million people are internally displaced and humanitarian access is difficult.

*Due to ongoing conflict, blockades and delays in food imports, the food prices in Yemen constantly fluctuate. At times food prices have more than doubled during the ongoing conflict which began in March 2015. Aiming to provide a decent and humanitarian nutrition package to support people’s lives, organizations are working to support the affected communities. We will regularly update price handles to reflect the current situation on the ground.