Water Filtration Plant A Sustainable Solution

Water is the key to all life, and yet billions around the world struggle against poverty to access clean & safe water sources – their basic human need. Al Miftah is committed to ensuring as many families as possible have sustainable & reliable access to water for generations to come.

A Sustainable Solution

Using a system of reverse osmosis, and advanced technology, these plants are the source of providing pure, safe, and healthy drinking water to thousands of people. A Reverse Osmosis (RO) water treatment plant begins by taking in unfiltered water through a low-pressure feed pump, in the process of pre-filtration. It cleanses the water of any turbidity, sand & any other dust particles that may be present.

The water, through multi-stage pumps, passes from high pressure in membranes, and all the unwanted dissolved solids are separated from the water. They are sent into a drain via the waste water line, while the clean water is stored in the product water tank.

The system and the clean water tank are verified in accordance with World Health Organisation standards. An Ultra Violet lamp is installed in the product water line to make the water free from bacteria.

Your Donations Helps

Approximately 2000 students and residents surrounding the Madrassah can now benefit from this water. Alhamdulillah, every little helps!

£6000.00 raised by you in Sadaqah Jaariyah for the installation of the Water Filtration Plant around the Madrassah.

Distributing Your Charity With Honesty