Ramadan IFtar Appeal

Ramadan Hot meals

By donating . you can assist a fasting individual in having iftar and suhoor throughout the entire month of Ramadan. Your donation will also earn you the reward of an additional fast for each day of Ramadan. Show compassion and donate now.


Iftar Is Ready!

A traditional pot of hot fresh home-cooked food large enough to feed 40 people – a staple community gathering characterized by happy faces and full bellies. For many impoverished communities, these gatherings are the only time they will receive a nutritious and filling meal, provided for by generous individuals or charity donating the cauldron-like pot, ingredients & resources to cook and distribute a hearty meal for 40.

Hot Food iItar Meals Served to the needy

This Ramadan, extend your compassion and offer an iftar meal to a vulnerable family. Your act of kindness could make all the difference, allowing them to enjoy plentiful suhoors and iftars throughout the holy month and truly experience the blessings of Ramadan.

Consider providing hot meals to those in crisis who may not have access to cooking facilities, Without your generosity, countless individuals and families will go hungry during this sacred time. Spread mercy and give now to help those in need.

Distributing Your Charity With Honesty