Orphan Marriage Fund

Poverty Marriage Fund

For many communities living in unimaginable poverty, countless families find marriage for their of-age daughters and sisters sadly out of reach. Bound by cultural norms and societal standards, orphaned or destitute young women may never be able to experience the most beautiful and blessed act of marriage. Help Al Miftah facilitate the simple and delightful marriages of young women in impoverished communities.


A unique & beautiful charitable initiative

Many impoverished young women have lived most of their lives in hardship, with orphans in particular often forced to grow up too quickly without the love and warmth from their parents. As they become of marriageable age, sadly a fulfilling and beautiful marriage to a righteous young man seems far out of reach, due to their limited funds and lack of amenities for a healthy marital home.


Help somebody complete ‘half of their deen’ by giving the opportunity for the best start to a marriage

Help an impoverished young woman start her new life by equipping her with everything she needs for a beautifully simple marriage ceremony and basic essential household goods. Empower her and help her shake off the shackles of the cultural expectations that surround her future and allow her to get married in the best of ways, on her terms – and definitely not as a societal ‘burden’!