Rebuilding Lives After the Pakistan Floods

The current state of affairs

houses were completely demolished
0 million
houses with significant damage
2 million
people have been impacted

Constructing homes for impacted families

Almfitah Aid is committed to rebuilding homes and lives of at-risk families in flood-hit Balochistan and Sindh provinces. Fears grow as many remain without shelter, as winter approaches. Almfitah Aid, with your support, will construct homes in worst-affected districts of Dadu and Sohbatpur. Helping the most vulnerable, including women, child-headed households, families with disabled members, and those without means to rebuild.

The aid organization is also providing:

With your generous donation, you can help provide families affected by the crisis with a safe and secure home. These homes will feature a living area, a kitchen with a stove, and a bathroom, all designed with accessibility in mind for the elderly and those with disabilities, including widened doors, a ramp, and a commode chair in the bathroom. Your contribution can make a critical difference for those who have already suffered so much. Please consider supporting our Rebuild Pakistan Appeal by donating today.

Other Appeals

Yemen Appeal

The organization aims to raise funds to provide essential necessities, such as food, water, shelter, and medical aid, to those who have been displaced or impacted by the conflict.

Winter Appeal

We've launched an appeal to provide winter clothing to impoverished communities, helping vulnerable individuals and families stay warm during the colder months.

Syria Appeal

Aiming to raise funds to provide essential necessities and make a positive impact on the lives of Syrians in need.