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With your help, we will install permanent desalination units in Al Maghza & Exbet Beit Hanoun, providing a lasting solution to the water crisis in Gaza.

£16,000 will provide consistent water to over 20,000 Gazans.

““Those Who In Charity Spend Of Their Goods By Night And By Day, In Secret And In Public, Have Their Reward With Their Lord: On Them Shall Be No Fear, Nor Shall They Grieve.””    — [2:274]


70 %
of freshwater is unsuitable for human consumption
1 million
Of raw sewage pours into the Mediterranean Sea

Access to clean water in Gaza is a critical issue, as many residents struggle to access safe drinking water due to Israeli control and limited resources. Raw sewage also pours into the Mediterranean Sea, making the already scarce water supply even more contaminated.

To address this, our organization is working to fund the digging of a deep water bore connected to a desalination unit. This will provide residents with a reliable source of clean water and will be distributed to those who cannot come directly to the unit via water trucks.

Every donation, no matter how small, will help us work towards a long-lasting and sustainable solution. Donate today and be a part of the change. Together, we can make a lasting impact and ensure that everyone in Gaza has access to clean water.


Every single donation, no matter how small - is one step closer to Gaza having clean water on a consistent basis. Together, we will help distribute water into twenty water tanks around the Strip that will provide clean drinking water to over 20,000 Gazans.

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