Clothe The Cold

Clothe The Cold

For some of us, winter signifies cosy evenings curled up next to a fireplace or heater, with chunky knitwear and comfy blankets. For many around the world, the arrival of winter is seen as a death sentence. Al Miftah is committed to provide essentials for survival during the bitter winter months, whether it’s for those living on the streets of Britain or families living in exposed villages abroad.

Harsh Winter

The Harsh Bitterness of Winter Brings More Poverty & Hardship

For families already struggling with poor sanitation and nutrition, the cold may be one struggle too many.

Cold Winter Child

Illness & Disease Is Rife

With constant exposure to the elements and no protection from the freezing temperatures, torrential rains and howling winds, children in particular are more susceptible to life-threatening fevers and illnesses.

International Clothe